1. Why is it India's toughest trail race ?
Gruesome hills, forests, village back-roads, table land, thick vegetation single track and muddy trails. That pretty much sums it up as tough.

2. Where are the start and the end points?
The start point is Panhala (20kms from Kolhapur city.) to Pawankhind.

3. How do I reach the start point ?
The place is accessible by car and there is good frequency of public transport.

4. Do organizer provide support on route ?
Organiser do not provide any support. It is a self supported trail race. You have to carry sufficient water, food ,etc as per your requirement. Volunteers will be there to help you for directions.

5. Will I be provided transport from end point to reach back to the start point?
Yes, the organizer provides transport back to the start point.

6. Can I call my friends/ family to pick me at end point ?
Yes - 5km race ends at Masai resort / 15 km ends at Khotwadi / 42 km ends at Pandhra Pani ( Pawankhind Road )

6. Do i get instant transport back to start point after race ?
No, Transport will be given once all participants come at finish point or transport is full . If you finish first you have to wait till transport capacity gets full and participants reach. You can call your friends/ relatives to pick you if you don't want to wait.

7. Can i get race kit on event day ?
No, you need to collect kit compulsory on kit collection day. No kit will be given on event day.